AI-Powered Running:
Use cutting edge technology to prevent injuries and get faster with sets of tailored exercises.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, our programs are tailored to help you enhance your technique, and achieve your running goals.
Hack My Run for runners of all ages and skill levels
Improve form with exercises and drills
Training plans include all types of exercises to positively impact your running technique
We'll give you recommendations for exercises
Our articles cover running aspects, from apparel to tips.
Learn more about running
Protect your health
We will check your level and give out exercises to raise it.
Personal workout based on your current form and running level
To get the result you need to make three simple steps.
How it works
Simply record or upload a video of your run. This video is the first step in personalizing your running improvement plan.
Make or upload
a short video of yourself running
Algorithm identifies risk and improvement areas
Our AI algorithm analyzes your video to pinpoint both risk areas and opportunities for enhancing your running technique.
Get a set of tailored exercises
Receive exercises customized for you, targeting specific areas to improve your running efficiency and reduce injury risks.
Try all the features of Hack My Run Improve your running skills and learn more from our articles!
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No, you don't need any special equipment. A smartphone and a treadmill are sufficient for recording a steady video of your running. A tripod or some assistance might be useful for recording purposes.
The algorithms identify imbalances in your running form based on biomechanical research. Each identified issue is associated with a set of exercises designed to strengthen weak muscles, relax overworked muscles, and improve running technique through drills. These exercise sets are then customized based on your experience, training history, and individual physical attributes.
If you have any specific health concerns related to running or your body in general, it's important to consult a medical professional before using the app.
No, the analysis and exercises provided by the app are designed for all skill levels, including complete beginners. The app aims to reduce injury risk for beginners and enhance running efficiency for more advanced runners.
Although general exercise sets are widely available, it's crucial to focus on strengthening weak muscles and reducing stress on overworked muscles to minimize injury risk and decrease fatigue during long runs.
As you progress, you might find workouts easier and might want to challenge your body with additional equipment like dumbbells, straps, or barbells. However, all exercises offer various modifications that can be performed with or without equipment. If you don't have access to fitness equipment, you can still find alternative exercises that address your specific issues.
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